1975 Jim Burns UK Flyte Natural Mahogany Electric Guitar


This 74/75 Burns Flyte came to me requiring quite an extensive setup. Burns UK guitars were not made in London as many believe, but instead were manufactured close to Newcastle upon Tyne in Jim Burns’ native north east.


Out of all the models Burns UK produced, The Flyte, which was originally to be named the Concorde, proved the most popular. Glam rock performers of the time, such as Dave Hill from Slade and Marc Bolan were notable Flyte players.





Dave Hill here modelling a Burns Flyte in silver livery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLm9iBUAogk


New zero nut fitted, ready for a full fret dress.


Inside the p/up cavities. This is a nice light weight one piece mahogany body.



Deed canny soldering pet!

7 responses to “1975 Jim Burns UK Flyte Natural Mahogany Electric Guitar

  1. I have one of these, almost identical, including the bridge which up to now I thought was a non-original piece of equipment though there are no signs of anything else ever having been fitted. The fingerboard seems to be ebony with steel fret markers and there is no Burns logo on the headstock. The only thing missing is the cover for the bridge pickup and one of the screws for the neck pickup cover. I’ve always thought it was rather wonderful, but I’m having to have a sort-out…

  2. I have a Burns Flyte. It’s a one off. I met him when I was in my early teens and he built me a custom version. His factory was in South Shields very near the house he lived in.
    I still have the guitar.
    I’ve had many great stratocasters and Telecasters since and sadly the Flyte doesn’t compare- but looks great.

      • Going through my mailbox the other day I found you’d replied ages ago to my post about my Burns Flyte. As you can see it has an ebony fingerboard, I think – very close-grained to the point of invisibility. Missing bridge pick-up, mahogany body…

        Huw Evans.

        On 28 Sep 2016 21:09, “John Wesley – Guitar Repairs” wrote:

        wesleyguitars commented: “Thanks for the interesting comment Joe. What’s the problem you have with your Flyte, have you had it set-up ?”

    • Hello Trish – I just came across your note regarding selling the Flyte guitar your daughter has found in the loft. You can email me on john.fannon@yahoo.co.uk or call/text 07956113600. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards, John

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