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wesley_logosI no longer make new Wesley models, however from time to time I do have NOS and reconditioned models available along with other marques. To see what models I have available please click on the shopping cart link below:


66 responses to “Guitars for Sale

  1. My dad recently passed away and I found one of your semi acoustics among his guitars. Could you tell me approximately how much he paid for it so i can set a reasonable resale amount.

  2. I am actually shocked to see you don’t make guitars anymore! I used to get my parents to buy my guitars from you when I was younger and I have just been able to buy a new one and I thought of Wesley straight away! I just want you to know that you influenced my passion for music greatly and I love the Wesley guitars I have more than anything!

    • I have a Wesley San Diego Metallic Firebrand and love it
      It looks great and is really nice to play
      Great sound on the amp as well
      Absolute bargain

  3. Likewise! There’s a quite a collection of guitars of all types in this house, and the Wesley outplays them all.

  4. I bought a Cougar 2 Bass guitar which is absolutely amazing for the money. I was so impressed I have just bought a Wesley Vermont 6 string on e-bay. If it is anything like the bass it will be incredible.

  5. I just found out you no longer make bass’s and am gutted! Why why why? I have tons of bass guitars and the Wesley is 1 of my faves! Our kid owns 2 Wes guitars too and they sound great! Will you ever make them again?

    • Hi Phil, Thank you for your kind comment. I may do something in the near future. I’m not ruling anything out but as of right now I’m concentrating on repairs and restoration work. Thanks again! John

      • Well I for one hope you do make more bass guitars ! I’d definitely buy 1 from you. 🙂

  6. John, thanks for the recent work on my guitars and mandolin. I would recommend your workmanship to anyone. First class service all round and very easy to get on with, much appreciated.

  7. had a blue quilted top sorta “prs” shaped wesley guitar pre-2005 remember it feeling a bit heavy but it was an absolutely amazing guitar, unfortunately it got stolen but im always on the look out for a second hand one, it outperformed everything in its price range by miles and i miss playing on it! was shocked to find they are no longer being made but hopefully ill be able to find one soon!

  8. Such a pity that you are no longer making guitars. I bought a beautiful 7-string electric in 2003 from you. It has a quilted yellow body with gold fittings and a rosewood (?) neck. It is by far my favourite instrument, and superb to play. Although I rarely gig now, it is the one that my nephews always go for when they visit despite the choice of Fender, Tanglewood, Jim Deacon, Aria and Rogers instruments.

    • Yes I remember that model. It was manufactured in Korea and there were only 12pcs made. I may start producing Wesleys again in the near future. Very nice to hear from you Rob!

  9. Intrigued to hear you might start selling guitars again.

    Can’t wait!

    Why not ask for people’s ideas as to design preferences? Whatever you decide though…good luck.

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

  10. Brilliant guitars still in use and circulation Mr.Wesley.
    My first electric was a Les Paul type in silver sunburst and I honestly haven’t found a guitar that is as flawless and rewarding to play even in much higher price ranges.

  11. I had a Blue Wesley Telecaster , I picked it up for little or nothing and didn’t think it would be much of a guitar ” How wrong was I ” I sold it in a moment of madness and since then ive kicked my self for doing so , Ive been on the look out since for another Blue Wesley telecaster . I have a MIM fender tele and the Wesley can hold its own against the mim ,

  12. Hello,
    My partner recently picked up one of your guitars from a charity shop for the bargain price of £50. I’ve had a look online and can’t seem to find any like it, all I’ve managed to work out is that it is pre 2005. I stumbled across your website and as the guitar has a fair amount of damage to the paintwork I was wondering if I could send pictures of the damage would you be able to give a rough estimate for what it would cost to repair the damage.

  13. Bought an acoustic jumbo and in a moment of madness and generosity gave it to my son ( regretting it ever since). Thankfully he never plays it so after a five years he has agreed to give it back. I am ecstatic: a great favourite of mine despite having a Gibson J200, a Rainsong, and a few other top end guitars. I also bought a lovely mandolin from Wesley. The instruments were excellent and it is a great loss to musicians that Wesley instruments are no longer on sale.

  14. Hello. I just saw some pictures of the fantastic bass that you made… the flying v in black..
    I want to buy one.. how can i have one? im from portugal

    Best regards

  15. I found a mad- looking purple Perspex Wesley bass in a charity shop for £60!! Although I don’t regularly play bass, I had to have it. Since then its done a couple of gigs and I love it! Good to know it was made in England and I can still contact the builder.

  16. just managed to find a see through purple wesley strat (never been played, hanging on a friends wall, baught it cos it looked nice) for £100 in mint condition. been eyeing it for years. she finally told me she was selling it and i said ok starght away no questions. i love the guitar. heavy but sound amazing.

  17. i bought a violin bass from you and wow its the best bass i have ever used great sound and i have done 100s of gigs with it knocks spots of my fenders arias yamahas etc i have used in the past . shame there not about anymore gary

  18. Mr wesley. You have been solely responsible for my addiction.. I have two acrylic strats. One acrilic lp. One blue tele. One flying v and one warlock. On the tele I replaced the bridge pup to a steamhammer. On the v I put in a seymour. On the warlock I put inf pups in it. In the strats I put hotrails. The point us this. While the stock pups are fine. By replacing them these guitars are my main gigging guitars now. Relegating the epi.s and even a gibson explorer into collecting dust.. wouldn’t swap any of them. The acrylics especially turn heads at gigs.. thank you so much and keep up the good work..

  19. Hi
    I have a hollow body single cut jazz guitar, I pick up from eBay, it had a broken machine head and a couple of chips the worse one on the back of the neck (which is still there) I fitted a new set of gotoh tuners restrung it with elixir 10’s (acoustic) and I love it. I change my guitars around quite a lot just to keep it interesting, but I would never sell this one, I did the set up and fret level/dress my self and must admit I did a good job, it plays fantastic and certainly much better than the ibanez’s (art core’s) I had/tried or the peavey. Very pleased but I don’t know anything else about it. If you have any info I would appreciate it.
    Terry from kent.

  20. I have a pink precision style bass , an acrylic les Paul (retrofitted with blue leds) a five string clear acrylic bass and a Gibson style double cutaway hollow bodied electric … I still buy more if you were making them !!

  21. Hello…I have just purchased a Purple acrylic strategy copy bearing the Wesley logo..trouble is,I have no info about it…would it be possible to get any info you have available on these incredible guitars….I would really appreciate it…Thanks for making a difference…

  22. I have finally found one of the blue, 22 fret Telecaster models and was wondering if anyone could provide some basic info on it e.g. body and neck/fretboard woods and what pickups were originally fitted.


  23. Hi. I bought a Wesley Perspex guitar for my son some years ago. It has sat in a cupboard for some time and I notice a whit type of coating to the cables inside and a little bit at the edges of the guitar. Is this a natural reaction to this material over time? Is there any way to clean it up? Will it affect the sound if it increases / worsens? Thanks

  24. Hi,
    I bought an acrylic yellow 5-string wesley bass guiatar off eBay a while back (it has the pre 2005 logo on the headstock) and i was just wondering what its proper name is and how much it would be to buy? And also ive tried looking for it on the internet but i cant find any so is this the only one?

  25. John Wesley, your website is bringing back many memories for me, although I’m slightly disheartened theres no new guitars to check out for any new models in stock! Between me and my brother we got about 10 models from yourself, from acoustic bass’s to electric guitars, and I’ve not yet found a better affordable guitar brand since. I’ll never forget your generousity in repairing my white les paul with a snapped neck after it falling and how amazing you set it up. I hope you’re doing well, and hope that one day you reconsider manufacturing again! Out of curiosity, how many mockingbird models did you make? That was the last one on my list but I never managed to get hold of one 🙂

  26. Hello I’m a blues guitarist from Kansas City and I recently discovered your jasper acrylic travel guitars. I was curious if you happen to still be making them or if you have any for sale.

  27. Just bought my second Wesley – a Tartarus V if the limited net info is correct. Needs some work doing, but that just adds to the fun…has the pre 2005 logo, very heavy and beautiful rhoads shape. Any info on this model mr. Wesley? Country, body wood, pick up type?

    Also had a Dominator (explorer shaped model), sounded great and played beautifully…had to sell it as needed the money but regretted it instantly. Again, heavy and well made, a pleasure to play.

  28. I have a blue Wesley mantaray 5 string and I was wondering what the various tone and volume controls are as there was no instructions when I bought it it’s a post 05 model if that helps

  29. Hey john . I have a clear jasper and use for buskin. Is a great instrument. High quality and affordable. Thank you . I will keep it with me always.

  30. Hello from Australia, two days ago I bought a used Wesley clear acrylic strat from a British expat who has had it for over 15yrs. I bought it as a
    Birthday gift for my brother who’s name is Wesley, it is a
    Great sounding guitar, has all
    The tonal attributes of a strat. Anyway I just wanted to say well done on creating something unique, my brother receives it tomorrow. Cheers!

  31. Got a really nice Red Wesley Strat about 18 months ago for £20 with a Marshall 15 watt (best deal of my life) as my first guitar and I just want to say that your guitar is the single reason for my obsession with the instrument, I’ve played a lot of high end guitars in the last year and I can proudly say that your guitar is my favourite above anything, despite my young age (I’m only 18) I hope to have that guitar in my collection and keep on playing it until the day that I am physically incapable of playing (even then I’ll probably still try)
    Thank you for being pretty much the reason that I love playing so much

  32. Didn’t know you had stopped making guitars. I have been looking for a Wesley Tele style in met blue. I did own one which I modded and it was a cracker. Easy to play with a great neck but I decided to move it on, as it went into the couriers van I felt I had made an error. Thats life. Hope you re-start.

  33. Hi.. just got my arch-top Wesley from where it hangs on the wall, plugged it in and smiled at how great it is to play and how good it sounds. Better maybe than the 12, I think, years ago when bought on eBay auction for about £90. I always wondered where you had them made? So nicely put together. Thanks.

  34. Hey there, @Wesley guitars. I’ve just picked up one of these for £90 and am so surprised by the quality.

    I can’t find any info online and so was wondering if you’d be so kind as to take the time to give me the specs on the wood, hardware and pickups for this stunning guitar please?

    I’m sure there would be quite a number of others who would like to be able to match this guitar up with others in the same category.

    Thank you in advance,


  35. Dear Mr Wesley. I just bought a used Wesley Phoenix LP guitar and it is absolutly super great to play on,beautiful to look at and it feels sturdy and high quality all over. I love it!

    But since it has no serial number or any other distinguishing marks except the post 2005 logo,and there are hardly any facts to be found on Google about this wonderful guitar, could you please enlighten me about between which years the white Phoenix was in production, and in which country it was manufactured.

    • Hello Goran, This was a model made between 2006 and 2011. It was manufactured in China and has a mahogany neck and body with a rosewood fingerboard. There weren’t any serial numbers on these models. I think they retailed for £99 at the time. It’s probably about due for a deluxe set-up! Cheers, J

  36. Hi and thanks again John, for passing on your info about my J45 style acoustic. Bought on cash converters recently for a rediculous £55.

    On first glance online, I hoped it sounded as good as it looked, so I took a chance on it. When it arrived the strings were very old and corroded with the high E string missing and the pegs looking a bit tired.

    I cleaned her up, oiled the rosewood neck, fitted new rotolock strings and new bone pegs. I was hopeful but didn’t expect to hear anything close to the spanky tones of the Gibson, for the budget. But to be honest I was amazed. I don’t know how you did it, you retailed it for £109 in 2005 and I think the standard of the build and the sound quality does stand up to the best copies out there, that go for infinitely more money.

    You told me it’s one of 96 pcs made. So now it’s mine it’s staying with me until it’s passed on to my son in a few years. You’ve created a lasting legacy among British guitar makers and you’re an unsung hero, thanks John.

  37. I have Wesley Les Paul copy in white and I wondered what gauge string this would have shipped with

  38. Hiya, bought one of the gothic flying v basses a while back, with the post 2005 logo, and im curious for details about it. I bought it for 30 pounds and it plays better than both the squiers in my collection


  39. Hi Wesley, I just wanted to drop in for a quick note of appreciation about your work.

    I still have my Wesley V I had bought in early 2000s and it’s as fantastic as ever. It’s got the pre-2005 logo so that matches up with my memories, must have been 2002 or so. I’ve had so much fun with it and it’s still as good as new. Thank you for all the notes!

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