1959 Framus Hi-Fi-Six 5/115 Thinline

This 1959 Framus came in requiring a replacement bridge and complete overhaul. Seems to be an archtop jazz guitar which as an after thought, the Schaller made electronics housed on a sturdy chrome plate have been bolted onto the top. Very few of these around. Nice honkey tone from the pickups.

I have to say as a testament to German engineering these original pickups, pots and rotary switch function perfectly after 55 years.

framus_hfs_12 framus_hfs_11 framus_hfs_10 framus_hfs_09 framus_hfs_08 framus_hfs_07 framus_hfs_06 framus_hfs_05 framus_hfs_04 framus_hfs_03 framus_hfs_02 framus_hfs_01

  • natural, black, sunburst, black rose, brown finish
  • body arched & laminated, solid Spruce tops partly
  • single rounded cutaway
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • single-ply binding
  • tailpiece with “HI FI SIX”-engravement
  • 3 star-headstock inlay
  • built since the end 50s

this particular instrument:

  • black rose finish
  • Schaller mixer with 2 PU
  • dates ca. 1959
  • built until the beginning 60s

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