BC Rich NJ Ironbird Speedloader Conversion

A guitar with no machine heads is fair enough if you can buy double bullet end strings,  precision cut to a certain length, but these are no longer for sale. This BC Rich NJ Ironbird came in for a headstock conversion and locking nut.


6 responses to “BC Rich NJ Ironbird Speedloader Conversion

  1. Hi, I’m planning on doing the same thing to a BcRich Warlock NJ Series SpeedLoader guitar. I see you didn´t change the SpeedLoader bridge, what string did you use?

    • I used a telecaster headstock templete that I double stick taped to the headstock. Checked and rechecked with a straight edge before I drilled the holes with a step drill to minimize chipping. Sorry I didn’t take any photos of that!

  2. Hey, very nice job! I’m thinking of doing the same thing… Do you remember what nut was used? R2 or R3? Thanks.

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