BC Rich NJ Ironbird Speedloader Conversion

A guitar with no machine heads is fair enough if you can buy double bullet end strings,  precision cut to a certain length, but these are no longer for sale. This BC Rich NJ Ironbird came in for a headstock conversion and locking nut.


8 responses to “BC Rich NJ Ironbird Speedloader Conversion

  1. Hi, I’m planning on doing the same thing to a BcRich Warlock NJ Series SpeedLoader guitar. I see you didn´t change the SpeedLoader bridge, what string did you use?

  2. Great job on this. If you don’t mind me asking, did you follow any measurement guidelines for the headstock tuners?

    Also do the locking nuts fit on the existing nut?

    I’m planning on doing the same as the guitar I have is now practically useless!

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi, I’m also planning on doing the same to an NJ Speedloader guitar. Does the floyd rose nut (42mm) fit in place of the speedloader nut without any extra adjustments? Many thanks!

    • I used a telecaster headstock templete that I double stick taped to the headstock. Checked and rechecked with a straight edge before I drilled the holes with a step drill to minimize chipping. Sorry I didn’t take any photos of that!

  4. Hey, very nice job! I’m thinking of doing the same thing… Do you remember what nut was used? R2 or R3? Thanks.

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