1964 Gibson J50 Acoustic Guitar

Pleased to have this gorgeous 1964 J50 Gibson acoustic in for refurbishment. This guitar belonged to the late Tom Hughes of the Hughes Brothers.


The J-50 was officially introduced in 1947, essentially a natural-finish J-45, though Gibson shipped a handful of J-50 guitars already in 1942. One difference between the two is the top, which is triple-bound in the J-50 instead of single-bound; however, Gibson also made some early J-45s with a triple-bound top. After WW2 quality wood supplies were easier to come by, so Gibson didn’t need to resort to using imperfect wood on all its instruments. This better quality wood justified the production of the natural-finish J-50, as there were very few flaws which needed to be covered up by a sunburst finish. Gibson did continue to produce the sunburst J-45, however, and it is still an important part of Gibson’s production line today.


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