Rickenbacker 330 12 Fireglow 12 String


Rickenbacker 330 12  Fireglow 12 string electric in for a fret dress and set-up. Hugely iconic guitar with the jangliest of all electric 12 strings sounds.



Re-stringing the headstock is a total pain due to the spaghetti junction poor design.



I have yet to see a Rickenbacker 330 12 without a warped neck. Truly awful truss rod design.


He’s a screenshot of an eBay auction for ten 660s of them all with warped necks.

“These are new old stock still in the factory boxes. All 10 have bowed neck. I received these as part of a larger shipment. Within 30 days, the necks bowed, and truss rod does not straighten neck. They are otherwise new in the factory shipping boxes with case and paperwork. Pictures of guitars are file pictures and not of actual guitar being offered. The picture of the row of 10 boxes are the actual boxed guitars being offered. Feel free to call me at the phone number at the bottom of the description below for further details.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 17.04.56

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