Ibanez Prestige S2170FB – Made in Korea

The Ibanez S2170FB is an S series Prestige guitar model introduced in 2006. The Ibanez S Series (also known as the Ibanez Saber Series) is a guitar series produced by Hoshino Gakki. Introduced in the late 1980s, the S Series is notable for being a streamlined mahogany bodied guitar with a maple neck that is fairly light while retaining the resonance of mahogany.

Features include a mahogany body with a decorative bubinga top, a Wizard II Prestige neck, DiMarzio IBZ pickups and the ZR tremolo. Like all Korean Prestige models, the S2170FB was discontinued after 2008 in favor of the Japanese made Prestiges.


This Ibanez was in for a deluxe setup with instructions to set the action as lo as possible with zero fret buzz.







I really hate how Ibanez have to stamp this European Directive crap on their headstocks ! Very uncool !!


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