Edwards Jimmy Page Relic Les Paul

I’m not sure if Edwards are still making this Jimmy Page copy in Japan, it certainly ticks all the boxes as far as wood materials and classic LP tone. The setup needed a few tweaks including a fret dress to get rid of some nasty buzz on the 12th fret. This is heavily relic’ed with lots of factory made knocks and bashes added in for free. I have mixed feelings about pre-relic’ed guitars as they never really look right. Relic’ing certainly has no effect on tone, but stripping a thick factory polyurethane¬† finish and refinishing with a thin lacquer that cracks and checks over time can liven up most guitars quite a bit. These models appear to have a thin lacquer finished sprayed on top of a thicker modern poly.

Each of the humbucker pickups have a coil tap (pull up on the volume pots) and phasing and series/parallel is also possible. I have a lot of respect for the quality of work and materials put into the manufacture of this guitar and do quite fancy one. – Now, where did I leave that mudshark !

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