Guitars for Sale

wesley_logosI no longer make new Wesley models, however from time to time I do have NOS and reconditioned models available along with other marques. To see what models I have available please follow the link below:


16 responses to “Guitars for Sale

  1. I am actually shocked to see you don’t make guitars anymore! I used to get my parents to buy my guitars from you when I was younger and I have just been able to buy a new one and I thought of Wesley straight away! I just want you to know that you influenced my passion for music greatly and I love the Wesley guitars I have more than anything!

  2. Likewise! There’s a quite a collection of guitars of all types in this house, and the Wesley outplays them all.

  3. I bought a Cougar 2 Bass guitar which is absolutely amazing for the money. I was so impressed I have just bought a Wesley Vermont 6 string on e-bay. If it is anything like the bass it will be incredible.

  4. I just found out you no longer make bass’s and am gutted! Why why why? I have tons of bass guitars and the Wesley is 1 of my faves! Our kid owns 2 Wes guitars too and they sound great! Will you ever make them again?

    • Hi Phil, Thank you for your kind comment. I may do something in the near future. I’m not ruling anything out but as of right now I’m concentrating on repairs and restoration work. Thanks again! John

      • Well I for one hope you do make more bass guitars ! I’d definitely buy 1 from you. :-)

  5. had a blue quilted top sorta “prs” shaped wesley guitar pre-2005 remember it feeling a bit heavy but it was an absolutely amazing guitar, unfortunately it got stolen but im always on the look out for a second hand one, it outperformed everything in its price range by miles and i miss playing on it! was shocked to find they are no longer being made but hopefully ill be able to find one soon!

  6. Such a pity that you are no longer making guitars. I bought a beautiful 7-string electric in 2003 from you. It has a quilted yellow body with gold fittings and a rosewood (?) neck. It is by far my favourite instrument, and superb to play. Although I rarely gig now, it is the one that my nephews always go for when they visit despite the choice of Fender, Tanglewood, Jim Deacon, Aria and Rogers instruments.

    • Yes I remember that model. It was manufactured in Korea and there were only 12pcs made. I may start producing Wesleys again in the near future. Very nice to hear from you Rob!

  7. Intrigued to hear you might start selling guitars again.

    Can’t wait!

    Why not ask for people’s ideas as to design preferences? Whatever you decide though…good luck.

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

  8. Brilliant guitars still in use and circulation Mr.Wesley.
    My first electric was a Les Paul type in silver sunburst and I honestly haven’t found a guitar that is as flawless and rewarding to play even in much higher price ranges.

  9. I had a Blue Wesley Telecaster , I picked it up for little or nothing and didn’t think it would be much of a guitar ” How wrong was I ” I sold it in a moment of madness and since then ive kicked my self for doing so , Ive been on the look out since for another Blue Wesley telecaster . I have a MIM fender tele and the Wesley can hold its own against the mim ,

  10. Hello,
    My partner recently picked up one of your guitars from a charity shop for the bargain price of £50. I’ve had a look online and can’t seem to find any like it, all I’ve managed to work out is that it is pre 2005. I stumbled across your website and as the guitar has a fair amount of damage to the paintwork I was wondering if I could send pictures of the damage would you be able to give a rough estimate for what it would cost to repair the damage.

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