Guitars for Sale

wesley_logosI no longer make new Wesley models, however from time to time I do have NOS and reconditioned models available along with other marques. To see what models I have available please follow the link below:


11 responses to “Guitars for Sale

  1. I am actually shocked to see you don’t make guitars anymore! I used to get my parents to buy my guitars from you when I was younger and I have just been able to buy a new one and I thought of Wesley straight away! I just want you to know that you influenced my passion for music greatly and I love the Wesley guitars I have more than anything!

  2. Likewise! There’s a quite a collection of guitars of all types in this house, and the Wesley outplays them all.

  3. I bought a Cougar 2 Bass guitar which is absolutely amazing for the money. I was so impressed I have just bought a Wesley Vermont 6 string on e-bay. If it is anything like the bass it will be incredible.

  4. I just found out you no longer make bass’s and am gutted! Why why why? I have tons of bass guitars and the Wesley is 1 of my faves! Our kid owns 2 Wes guitars too and they sound great! Will you ever make them again?

    • Hi Phil, Thank you for your kind comment. I may do something in the near future. I’m not ruling anything out but as of right now I’m concentrating on repairs and restoration work. Thanks again! John

      • Well I for one hope you do make more bass guitars ! I’d definitely buy 1 from you. :-)

  5. had a blue quilted top sorta “prs” shaped wesley guitar pre-2005 remember it feeling a bit heavy but it was an absolutely amazing guitar, unfortunately it got stolen but im always on the look out for a second hand one, it outperformed everything in its price range by miles and i miss playing on it! was shocked to find they are no longer being made but hopefully ill be able to find one soon!

  6. Such a pity that you are no longer making guitars. I bought a beautiful 7-string electric in 2003 from you. It has a quilted yellow body with gold fittings and a rosewood (?) neck. It is by far my favourite instrument, and superb to play. Although I rarely gig now, it is the one that my nephews always go for when they visit despite the choice of Fender, Tanglewood, Jim Deacon, Aria and Rogers instruments.

    • Yes I remember that model. It was manufactured in Korea and there were only 12pcs made. I may start producing Wesleys again in the near future. Very nice to hear from you Rob!

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